Crown Manager to Kaipara District Council withdrawn

  • Jacqui Dean
Local Government

Associate Minister of Local Government Jacqui Dean today announced that she is withdrawing Crown Manager, Peter Winder, from the Kaipara District Council because of technical uncertainties about his appointment.

“The Kaipara District Council is transitioning well back to local governance, led by the strong leadership of the locally elected Mayor and Councillors. It is unfortunate I have to withdraw Peter Winder from his appointment as Crown Manager to the Council,” says Ms Dean.

“Withdrawing Peter Winder as Crown Manager is not a reflection of his actions but is due to technical uncertainties. Peter Winder was appointed as Crown Manager to support the Kaipara District Council transition to elected governance in 2016 and was responsible for managing certain outstanding legal actions relating to past issues.

“Following an evaluation of assistance to the Council, there are concerns about potential technical flaws with the Crown Manager’s appointment and Terms of Reference. This does not bring into question prior actions of the Crown Manager, but if the role continued there would be uncertainty about the legality of future actions.

“The withdrawal of the Crown Manager is not a reflection on the performance of the Council, nor was this issue created by the Council. The Council is performing well and in an effective manner. However, there is still a need for ongoing support to address the issues of the past.

“I want to assure the Kaipara community that the Government is committed to supporting the Council. My officials are working with the Council to explore options for providing ongoing support.

“The Crown Observer, who was appointed in October 2016 will continue to support the Council by providing governance advice and guidance,” says Ms Dean.