Crown Manager’s final report released

  • Nick Smith
  • Paula Bennett
Local Government Building and Housing

Local Government Minister Paula Bennett and Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith today welcomed the publication of the final report of the Crown Manager for Christchurch City Council’s building consenting functions.

“Substantial progress has been made during Doug Martin’s tenure, with the Council now processing consents on time and to a high quality standard, leading to their reinstatement by International Accreditation New Zealand as a Building Consent Authority in December,” says Mrs Bennett. 

Mr Martin was appointed Crown Manager in July 2013, and tasked with improving the Council’s building consent processes, a crucial element to the progress of the Christchurch rebuild. This was the first time the new intervention powers under the Government’s 2012 local government reforms had been used.

“The Crown Manager, the building consent team, the Mayor, Council and Chief Executive all deserve praise for the work that has gone into get this critical service back on track. New house consenting soared to 4400 homes in 2014, three times the normal rate, and that this is being achieved to a high standard bodes well for Christchurch’s earthquake recovery,” Dr Smith says.

“There are some constructive suggestions in the building and housing area and I look forward to considering these in more detail. Several of the recommendations touch on areas where we already have work underway.”

“As the report says, the post-earthquake environment remains challenging and the pace of the rebuild will place pressure on local government,” says Mrs Bennett.

“It is important that momentum and confidence in the processes and institutions supporting the rebuild continue. The report makes recommendations to both the Council and the Government about further steps that might be taken to do this – and about how lessons learned might be shared.”

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