Cross-Party Meeting on Youth Suicide

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

The Hon Deborah Morris today hosted a cross-party meeting on youth suicide.

MPs from all political parties were invited to a briefing by the Minister and officials on the progress of the Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs is leading a group of key agencies, including the Ministry of Health and Te Puni Kokiri, in preparing a strategy aiming to decrease the incidence of youth suicide in New Zealand and to identify contributing factors.

The broad goals of the strategy include strengthening families, providing support for those who have attempted suicide, identifying gaps in existing services and focussing on wellbeing education. In addition, media treatment of the issue and the need for accurate statistics were discussed.

The strategy framework will be available for consultation shortly.

"It is essential that all MPs work together in progressing the work of the Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy. There are many complex influences on young people, which is why families, community groups, schools and MPs must all work co-operatively to support young people.

"There is no single identifiable cause of suicide. It is therefore important that we encourage our young people to talk about their concerns and that we as a community are there to listen and help.

" I look forward to continuing to work with other MPs in progressing the work of the strategy and plan to meet with them again once the consultation phase of the strategy is complete," said Hon Deborah Morris.