Criticism Of Army’s Projects Unjusified

  • Max Bradford

Defence Minister Max Bradford said today that the Army is taking a sensible approach to its vehicle replacement projects by seeking to get the best equipment at the best price rather than simply rushing into purchases.

"The facts are that the Government has moved quickly to re-equip the Army; its new Mistral air defence system is now operational, targeting and night vision equipment has arrived, and the tender process is underway for new battlefield radios, heavy machine guns, anti-armour weapons and several other projects," Mr Bradford said.

"The replacement of its armoured personnel carriers was delayed earlier this year, and sensibly so, in order to look at all its vehicle projects as a group, ranging from replacing the Landrover through to upgrade or replacement of the M113 armoured personnel carrier," Mr Bradford said.

"This will avoid any shortfalls in capability and minimise cost. It will also allow us to study similar projects which our allies have undertaken and may offer opportunities to ensure our equipment is compatible, as well as economies of scale.

"The public would correctly complain if we rushed in and spent millions of dollars on what we then found was the wrong choice. The Army's careful approach, albeit with a slight delay, shows they intend to get it right."