Crime Rate Arrested

  • Jack Elder

The Police are to be congratulated on their success in tackling crime in the community, Police Minister Jack Elder said today.

Statistic released by the Police today showed reported crime increased by only 2 percent over the last year, the lowest since 1994 and not much above the rate of population increase, he said.

"The Police have done a magnificent job in containing crime, and I am confident that with the active support of the Coalition Government, safety in the community will be enhanced in the future."

Mr Elder restated the Government's commitment, as set out in the Coalition Agreement, to pursue a stronger approach to law and order.

This has been reflected in Police this year receiving their highest ever level of funding. Specific money has been earmarked for 200 extra police officers, and legislation is at an advanced stage to toughen the law on gangs, organised crime and harassment, he said.

Mr Elder said he particularly support the work of the Police in cracking down on violence in the home and their policy of charging offenders. While this caused a jump in the statistics, it appears to be paying exellent dividends.

"Since the tougher policy was introduced some four years ago and the high-profile 'Not Just a Domestic' advertising campaign broadcast, there has been a 50 per cent reduction in the number of women killed by their partners," Mr Elder said.

"I can assure the Police they will continue to receive the full support of the Coalition Government in their efforts to enforce the right of every New Zealander not to be a victim of crime."