Court appearances continue to fall

  • Amy Adams

The number of young people, aged 10 to 16 appearing before the courts has fallen to a 20 year low, Justice and Courts Minister Amy Adams says.

In addition, the total number of adults charged and convicted in New Zealand courts has also fallen to its lowest level since 1980, reflecting the government’s focus on reducing crime and reoffending rates.

Adult Conviction and Sentencing Statistics and Child and Youth Prosecution Statistics released today show that since 2010, 36 per cent fewer adults and 52 per cent fewer children and young people appeared in court.

Ms Adams says it is promising to see the government’s efforts to curb crime rates reflected in these statistics.

“Court statistics for the year ending December 2015 show there were 5,400 fewer adults charged compared to 2014, and 200 fewer young people appeared in court,” says Ms Adams.

“The decreasing trend of youth appearances in court can be attributed to support from various bodies like Youth Aid officers, Family Group Conferences and others, who work with our young people and their family and whānau. It’s vital we continue to support our young people through measures to avoid further offending.

“While the number of youth and adults appearing in New Zealand courts has once again decreased, the Government remains committed to ensuring this trend continues, supporting victims, and keeping New Zealanders safe in their homes and communities.”