Consultation starts on ACC rates for free under 13s doctors’ visits

  • Nikki Kaye
  • Jonathan Coleman
Health ACC

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and ACC Minister Nikki Kaye say consultation starts today on ACC support towards free kids’ doctors’ visits.

“From July next year, children aged 13 years and under will be able to access free doctors’ visits and prescriptions,” says Dr Coleman.

“This will make healthcare more accessible, take pressure off busy hospital emergency departments and improve the wellbeing of our children.”

The Government has already committed an extra $90 million over three years towards free visits for health-related needs.

“ACC’s proposal is to contribute an extra $20.4 million over three years towards kids’ injury-related doctors’ visits,” says Ms Kaye. “This is in addition to the $90 million already confirmed for health-related visits.

“Whether your child has a sprained ankle or a tummy bug, cost shouldn’t be a barrier that stops mums and dads from taking their kids to the doctor.”

The proposed ACC contributions will be paid from ACC’s Non-Earners’ Account, which is funded by the Government.

ACC and the Ministry of Health fund doctors’ visits on a different basis, which is why the ACC consultation is being run separately.

Consultation on ACC’s proposed, regulated contributions runs until 27 January 2015.

The consultation document is available at