Connecting New Zealand released

  • Steven Joyce

Transport Minister Steven Joyce has today released Connecting New Zealand, a summary of the government’s intended policy direction for transport over the next decade.

Mr Joyce says the government has been working hard to progress its three main areas of focus in transport policy: economic growth and productivity, value for money, and road safety.

Connecting New Zealand reinforces our commitment to these areas by clearly summarising how each of those aims impact on the different parts of the overall transport sector.”

Connecting New Zealand draws together the policy direction set out in a number of policy decisions and guidance documents over the last 2 ½ years. These include the recently released National Infrastructure Plan and Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding, as well as the Safer Journeys road safety strategy and action plan.

“This is not a new plan, but it ensures that the transport policy direction described across a range of strategic documents is pulled together in one place,” says Mr Joyce.

“Connecting New Zealand will help stakeholders understand how the government sees the transport system developing over the next 10 years, and assist stakeholders with their own investment decisions.

“The government is committed to building a stronger, more competitive, economy which sells more goods and services to the wider world. 

“The transport sector has a crucial role to play in supporting our growth plans.  Economic growth and productivity, value for money, and safety are the areas where we need to see the greatest improvement from in the transport system over the next decade.”