Confidence in 111 Service Being Undermined by MP and Union

  • Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs Jack Elder has accused Alliance MP and former firefighter Grant Gillon of undermining public confidence in the 111 emergency system by publicising alleged failures in Auckland fire service callouts.

Mr Elder said that in ninety five per cent of such incidents investigated, the Fire Service has been found to have acted responsibly.

"Where the Fire Service has been at fault it has acknowledged it and taken action to avoid a repetition," he said. "Mr Gillon is politicising a new business process and instilling fear in the minds of the public.

"Both the Fire Service Commission and myself have been concerned at some of the problems encountered in the shakedown period of the new service but a great deal of work has been put in place by a new management team to ensure a proper process has been adopted. Such incidents are becoming less frequent. "

Mr Elder said the campaign against the new system was being driven by some members of the Firefighters Union.

"I know of no organisation which has suffered from this level of disloyalty," Mr Elder said. "There is a hard core of members in Auckland who are trying to hamstring the Fire Service in its attempt to modernise its operations."

Mr Elder pointed out that the Auckland incidents referred to by Mr Gillon occurred in the shakedown period after the cutover of the new service.