Condolences - Wayne Gilbert's Condolences - Wayne Gilbert's

  • Max Bradford

Energy Minister Max Bradford today extended his sincere condolences to Mrs Gilbert, their family, friends and colleagues of Mercury Energy Chief Executive Wayne Gilbert, who passed away this afternoon.

Mr Bradford said that given the sad and unexpected death of Mr Gilbert, the Government had decided that as a mark of respect, it would defer the release of the Report of the Ministerial Inquiry into the Auckland Power Supply Failure to both Mercury Energy and to the public until a more appropriate time.

"When I first met Wayne, it was cross swords in the early stages of the debate on the electricity reforms early last year, and he was a formidable advocate for the industry," Mr Bradford said.

"I got to know him more personally and to respect him greatly during the difficult days of managing the energy crisis in central Auckland early this year. He was always understanding, professional and passionate about
delivering the highest quality of service by the company he ran. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him."