Competitive Market Boosts IT Hardware Exports

  • Maurice Williamson
Information Technology

"1997 was an excellent year for New Zealand's IT hardware exporters. In what was a difficult year for our exporters, IT hardware, exports increased in value by nearly half to $235 million from $164 million in 1996, " Hon Maurice Williamson announced today.

Mr Williamson was commenting on figures from the 1998 edition of the Ministry of Commerce's Statistics on Information Technology, released today.

"This is a 43% increase and is due mainly to significant increases in exports of wireless communications hardware and computer hardware and parts," said Mr Williamson.

"This increase was despite the fact that 1997 was a soft year for sales of IT goods and services in the New Zealand market. The value of IT sales to New Zealand customers decreased to $3.05 billion from $3.1 billion."

"However, this is probably not due to a fall in sales volumes, but a result of ongoing falls in the prices of software and hardware. In fact volumes are probably up, and this is a sign of a very competitive market.

"Competition in the New Zealand IT market is a factor behind the growth in hardware exports, as New Zealand It companies are extremely innovative and adept at seeking out niche markets overseas where they can meet the needs of a very demanding industry.

"The figures show that the IT sector is a dynamic performer and is continuing to grow, as employment in the sector has increased by 14% in the last year," said Mr Williamson.