Community Renewal Programme Launched

  • Mark Gosche

October 19 2001Media Statement
Community Renewal Programme Launched

Housing Minister Mark Gosche today launched the government's Community Renewal programme in the Christchurch suburb of Aranui.

Aranui is the first of a series of similar community renewal projects aimed at revitalising communities through a partnership between community members, local councils and Housing New Zealand.

Two other Community Renewal projects are in their early stages of development at Clendon in Manukau City and at Fordlands in Rotorua, Mr Gosche said.

Housing New Zealand houses account for about one third of the houses in the three areas. There are 454 HNZ houses in Aranui, 501 in Clendon and 159 in Fordlands.

Mr Gosche said approximately $6.45 million has been allocated for community renewal this year.

“Community renewal is more than just about housing, although Housing New Zealand Corporation is the lead Government agency. The programme also seeks to address community issues around employment, crime, health, education and social service delivery.

“Community renewal is about partnership. This partnership will include local communities, councils and other Government agencies working together to build projects that will be of lasting benefit to people living in renewal communities.

“Involving the people who live and work in the communites concerned is essential if community renewal is to work. Communities must have ownership of the renewal process if problems are to be successfully tackled."

Mr Gosche said the Aranui experience would give some good pointers for dealing with other future projects.

"But community renewal is not a “one size fits all” approach. Different communities have different needs, priorities and ambitions.”

Housing New Zealand Corporation had appointed project managers to each of the newer projects, Clendon in Manukau City and at Fordlands in Rotorua, Mr Gosche said.

"We expect these will evolve in a manner similar to Aranui, starting with community consultation. You can expect to hear more about these projects in the months ahead as partnership arrangements are finalised."

“Where Community Renewal works, based on overseas experience, we will see more self-sustaining communities where people’s needs are met and where they feel happy and safe."

For more information contact Lyn Holland in Mark Gosche's office, 04 4719 063 or 025 249 0461