Commonsense Outweighs "Political Interference"

  • David Carter
Senior Citizens

"Commonsense has outweighed "political interference" in the fight to have the Christchurch City Council's youth information cards released," says Banks Peninsula MP David Carter.

"I am delighted that the council has given the youth of Christchurch the chance to make up their own minds about the pamphlet."

"Labour's heavy weights almost succeeded in blocking this pamphlet - all because of a small National Party advertisement."

"Patronising is not the word for this behaviour - this is censorship at its worst and I am still amazed that the city council would bow to the Labour Party's wishes."

"The fact that the National Party was approached by a city council agent to advertise in the pamphlet has been deliberately glossed over. National supported the youth card concept because it met a real need for information by our young people."