Commitment to strong relationships

  • Tariana Turia
Community and Voluntary Sector

A strengthened relationship between government and the community is the aim of a document to be signed at Parliament on 1 August.

The Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Tariana Turia, said the Kia Tutahi Standing Together Relationship Accord sets clear expectations about how government agencies and communities will work together.

“The Accord is an important symbol of commitment between government and communities.   It establishes an expectation that communities and government will engage efficiently and effectively to achieve social, economic and environmental outcomes”.

The relationship accord was developed by a joint community-government steering group, established by the Minister, which undertook wide consultation last year.  It will be signed by the Prime Minister, Minister Turia, and community members in Parliament’s Grand Hall. Other community representatives will be able to sign up to the Accord at regional events and online.

“There’s increasing demand for the government to engage with communities in many different settings on a wide range of complex policy and service delivery questions” said Mrs Turia.   “Communities want to see better engagement and funding practices.   Progress is already being made – some government agencies and community stakeholders have productive and trusting relationships – but this Accord provides a platform to build good practice on a broader scale”.

The Accord has wide government agency support. It will be backed by release of a Ready Reference Engagement Guide for public servants promoting good practice when engaging with citizens and communities on policy development and services.