Commissioner for Children

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

Laurie O'Reilly will be greatly missed in his role as Commissioner for Children, says Hon Deborah Morris commenting on Mr O'Reilly's resignation.

"Laurie has been an outstanding Commissioner for Children, helping to identify the needs and promote the rights of our young people - a section of society that is often not heard.

"The Ministry of Youth Affairs works closely with the Office of the Commissioner for Children, and I personally formed a very close working relationship with Laurie.

"The work and effort that Laurie has put into his "Fathers Who Care" project is immense. I'm sure that he has hit the nail on the head in saying that the issue of fatherless families lies at the root of many of our social problems.

"I have been amazed by Laurie's determination to carry on working despite his battle against cancer, he truly is a model for everyone who aims to do the best we possibly can for children," concluded Deborah Morris.