Collins opens New Zealand’s first Muslim forum

  • Judith Collins
Ethnic Affairs

Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins will open New Zealand’s first Muslim World Forum in Auckland tomorrow and says it’s an example of our nation’s world-leading approach to building harmonious relations.

“This Forum is a fantastic opportunity for the Muslim community to reflect on its journey so far and discuss its future contribution to New Zealand,” Ms Collins says.

“Participants will direct discussions, define issues and propose solutions, to contemporary challenges facing the Muslim community. They will also discuss what opportunities exist to highlight the benefits of inter-cultural collaboration may bring, as for example in the halal meat industry.”

Ms Collins says the Government’s support of this Forum signals its appreciation of the contribution that Kiwi Muslims make, and will continue to make, to society and New Zealand’s national goals.

“Earlier this year the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination noted that many of New Zealand’s efforts to combat racial discrimination represented best practice globally and are being recommended to other countries,” Ms Collins says.

“Regardless of our religion, ethnicity or place of birth, we are all on the same journey - to find our voice as New Zealanders.

“This Forum will break down stereotypes so we can appreciate diversity and be in a better position to take advantage of all the opportunities this diversity brings”.

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