Collins congratulates ACC on strong year

  • Judith Collins

ACC Minister Judith Collins says ACC’s commitment to client rehabilitation and sound investment has allowed the Corporation to make excellent progress, as shown in ACC’s 2013 annual report.

“ACC’s primary role is to reduce injuries and to help the injured return to independence. The Corporation’s latest annual report shows ACC is making strong progress against its key objectives,” Ms Collins says.

The Corporation has achieved a $4.9 billion surplus for the 2012/2013 financial year – $3.6 billion ahead of budget.

Two ACC accounts – the Earners Account and the Work Account – are now fully funded and the Motor Vehicle Account is expected to be fully funded soon.

Ms Collins says ACC’s progress to date has allowed this Government to signal $300 million worth of levy cuts for taxpayers for 2014/15.

“These proposed levy cuts are testament to the positive gains the Corporation continues to make across all its activities – not only in financial management but in enhancing customer service and rebuilding public trust and confidence.

“When teamed with progress in client services, the possibility of lower levies shows ACC’s excellent improvement in the balance between the quality of services and the price New Zealanders pay for it.”

Ms Collins acknowledges the ACC Board, Chief Executive, staff – including the Corporation’s outstanding investment team – for their commitment to excellence.

A copy of ACC’s annual report can be found on its website,