Climate Change Minister welcomes Synlait’s sustainability strategy

  • Hon James Shaw
Climate Change

The Minister for Climate Change has welcomed dairy processing company Synlait’s sustainability strategy.

“Synlait’s aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent on-farm and by 50 percent off-farm over the next 10 years is a significant contribution to New Zealand’s target of net zero emissions by 2050,” says James Shaw.

I am heartened by the growing number of leading businesses which see that their future success lies in operating sustainably.

“The fact that Synlait believes it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their farms by more than a third in just 10 years using existing technology and best practice demonstrates what is possible for the dairy sector as a whole.

“Its commitment to building no new coal-fired boilers and reducing existing coal use is also very encouraging.

“Just as companies like Synlait are making their commitments to change to a low emissions, sustainable way of doing business, this Government stands committed to providing the leadership and policies needed to support them.

“That’s why we’re pleased to be engaged in public discussion across the country right now to get New Zealanders’ views on the proposed Zero Carbon Bill.

“Establishing legislation to guide the country’s transformation towards net zero emissions by 2050, will give the clarity and certainty that other companies like Synlait can rely on to make the transformations in their business methods and help us reach a low-emissions economy by 2050,” Mr Shaw says.