Clayton's Promises From Helen Clark

  • Roger Sowry
Leader of the House

The promises on Labour's cards are as empty and shallow as their policies, said the Hon Roger Sowry, Leader of the House.

"Helen Clark is dishonest in saying that she'll keep these promises to the electorate, when she knows full well her coalition partner hasn't signed up to the promises."

"She knows the Labour party would simply say, 'sorry, those were our promises - but all bets are off now, as we've got to cut a deal with the Alliance'."

"So Helen, when is a promise not a promise?

Mr Sowry said the Alliance has made it perfectly clear they were not consulted in the development of these Clayton's promises, nor do they subscribe to them.

Over the weekend Jim Anderton referred to the promises as meaningless, and said all they were was "slogans one party managed to cram on a credit card".

"It's not often I find myself agreeing with Mr Anderton on anything, but in this case he's right on the money," said Mr Sowry.