Clark Gets It Wrong - Again,Again, Again

  • Max Bradford

Defence Minister Max Bradford says Labour leader Helen Clark's paranoia is showing.

"Somebody who has got herself offside with the 14,000 New Zealand Defence Force personnel with her pacifist and isolationist stand, and with her Australian Labor ideologues who have criticised New Zealand for not proceeding with a third ANZAC frigate should at least get her facts right," Mr Bradford said.

"In a panic yesterday she put out a media release asserting I had gone on a so-called 'secret mission' to Australia on Sunday. The statement was rapidly pulled because it was an utter fabrication. The media knows there was no 'secret mission', yet Ms Clark keeps pushing this nonsense.

"This latest outburst is just another case of how she keeps on getting it wrong. Earlier this week, for example, Ms Clark claimed:

Cabinet had decided to purchase a third ANZAC frigate. WRONG. Cabinet's decision was scuttled by ACT. WRONG. New Zealand had given the Australian Prime Minister an undertaking that we would purchase a third ANZAC frigate. WRONG. Bradford goes to Australia on "secret mission" last Sunday. WRONG.

"Labour's leader is showing all the signs of someone drowning under extreme pressure," Mr Bradford said. "If I was one of her colleagues, I would be wondering about her ability to offer stable leadership in the face of pressure."