Civil Defence Minister thanks volunteers

  • Chris Tremain
Civil Defence

The Minister of Civil Defence, Chris Tremain, travelled to Christchurch yesterday to work with volunteers in the Student Army.

“I just wanted to spend the day working beside the volunteers, and take the opportunity to thank them for their outstanding contribution,” Mr Tremain said.

“It’s been a huge year for volunteers helping fellow New Zealanders through the many disasters that have struck our country. Whether it be the earthquakes in Christchurch, or the floods in Hawke’s Bay and Nelson, volunteers have come out in their thousands around the country to help when the chips were down.

“Talking to home owners in Christchurch yesterday, many said that the spirited volunteers provided them the psychological lift needed to get on with their lives,” he said.

“One told me that although the authorities play a huge part, they can’t replace the community spirit and camaraderie delivered by volunteers who front up, day in and day out, to lend a hand.

“Yesterday I saw people who couldn’t lend a hand on a shovel delivering water, scones and sandwiches. It was just great, the spirit was simply outstanding.

“As Minister of Civil Defence I just want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has volunteered throughout the country, especially in Christchurch, helping to show that New Zealanders really care,” the Minister said.