ChristChurch Cathedral to be reinstated

  • Nicky Wagner
Greater Christchurch Regeneration

Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner says she’s delighted that ChristChurch Cathedral will be reinstated.

The Anglican Synod today voted in favour of the Government’s offer to support reinstatement.

“This is the best possible outcome for Christchurch. We finally have an agreed decision to reinstate the heart of our city,” Ms Wagner says.

“For many years the Cathedral has sat broken and neglected, detracting from all the amazing work taking place in Christchurch.

“This decision gives the Church, the community, businesses and tourism bodies the certainty they’ve been looking for.”

The 225 member Synod considered three options:

  • Option A — reinstatement as per the Government offer, supported by Christchurch City Council;
  • Option B — constructing a new cathedral on the existing site; and
  • Option C — gifting the Cathedral building to the people of Christchurch and New Zealand. 

“Option A has always been our best shot at moving forward so I’m absolutely delighted it has Synod’s support,” Ms Wagner says.

“Now we can focus on appointing members to an independent trust and setting up a joint venture to manage the project.

“More details will be released in the coming weeks and months, but whether or not you’re interested in seeing ChristChurch Cathedral reinstated, this is a breakthrough for Christchurch and will have positive flow-on effects for the rest of the country.”

For more information on the Government offer and reinstatement, visit: