Child offenders select committee report welcomed

  • Chester Borrows
Social Development

Associate Social Development Minister Chester Borrows today welcomed the report of the Social Services Committee into the identification, rehabilitation, and care and protection of child offenders.

“The Social Services Committee has produced a thought-provoking report, which raises very important questions around the way we deal with children apprehended committing offences,” says Mr Borrows.

Mr Borrows particularly noted concerns around delays in processes to deal with child offenders, especially between apprehension and resolution.

“We know that some child offenders continue offending after they are caught, simply because we lack the tools to address their offending before their case is resolved. While we cannot treat children as adults, that interim offending needs addressing,” says Mr Borrows.

“The report also makes a number of recommendations designed to change Government responses from a model too focused on what works for agencies, to a model focused on best practice and what works for these children and their families.

“Effectively addressing these concerns is vital if we want to make sure that today’s child-offenders don’t become tomorrow’s career criminals. I look forward to engaging with the child and youth justice sector over the coming months as we develop the Government’s response to these recommendations,” says Mr Borrows.