Cheer Up Jeremiah Jim!

  • Dr Lockwood Smith

"Here we go again. Good news for the fisheries and forestry sectors and all Jeremiah Jim Anderton can do is mutter and moan," Trade Minister Lockwood Smith said from Kuala Lumpur today.

Dr Smith was commenting on Mr Anderton's media statement on last night's APEC agreement.

"Cheer up, Jeremiah Jim!" Dr Smith said.

"Last night all 16 participating APEC economies, including Japan, reached a credible agreement which will create jobs in our fisheries and forestry sectors and help to restore business confidence in the Asia Pacific region.

"Jim, just this once, put your bitterness to one side and welcome the good news."

Dr Smith said Mr Anderton was mistaken when he said Japan had not agreed to the APEC deal. "In fact, Japan has committed to zero tariffs in the fish and forest products sectors, with only the details as to how it is to be achieved to be negotiated through the World Trade Organisation process."

Dr Smith said Mr Anderton was also mistaken when he said more protectionist economies had withstood the Asian Crisis better than more open economies.