Changes to commercial fishing catch limits

  • Nathan Guy
Primary Industries

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has announced changes to commercial fishing limits in two areas as part of the annual fisheries sustainability review.

Catch limits for some gurnard, stargazer and rig stocks in the South Island have been increased where robust scientific information shows there has been an increase in abundance.  The allowances for both recreational and commercial fishers will be increased as part of these decisions.

Total Allowable Catch limits have been decreased for the New Zealand hoki stock and the oreo stock on the Chatham Rise.

“A cautious approach has been taken for hoki given the low recent hoki biomass estimate in the Sub-Antarctic. The Total Allowable Catch for HOK1 will reduce from 161,640 tonnes to 151,540 tonnes for the 2015/16 fishing year,” says Mr Guy.

“The 2014 Chatham Rise oreo stock assessment indicates that the stock is below the management target and would continue to decline at current catch levels. The TAC for this area for the 2015/16 fishing year will reduce from 7,000 tonnes to 3,150 tonnes. This reduction is required to ensure the stock is able to recover to the management target.

“These decisions are about maximising the benefits from New Zealand’s fisheries in a sustainable way.

“They have been made after carefully considering advice from the Ministry for Primary Industries, and submissions received from stakeholders and tangata whenua during the public consultation, and my statutory obligations.

“Regular monitoring and adjustments to catch limits are fundamental elements of the fisheries management system. These changes are driven by science and show that we have a flexible and responsive system.”

The decisions come into effect on 1 October. More detailed information can be found at: