Chairman Of Western Bay And Eastbay Health Retiring

  • John Luxton

Health Minister Bill English announced today that the chairman of Western Bay Health and EastBay Health, Max Toy, was retiring from those positions.

"Mr Toy assumed the roles in July 1998 with the objective of determining the feasibility of the two health providers being merged into one company. He has achieved this and more.

"Not only has he brought together a sound business case for the merger, his personal drive has resulted in Ministers being able to give early consideration to implementing the merger.

"The two companies have been co-operating in improving the quality and content of health service delivery in the Bay of Plenty region and it is expected that the merger will cement the results to date and form a foundation for further improvement.

"Before assuming the role of chairperson for both Western Bay Health and EastBay Health Mr Toy had been a director on the Western Bay board. As a resident in the region, he was well placed to both understand the needs of the people of the Bay of Plenty and to lead the two boards and managements to seek further improvement in hospital and health services.

"I commend his dedication and professionalism in addressing the challenges. The people of the Bay of Plenty should be proud of the way Mr Toy has worked to achieve the needed improvements and rationalisation," said Mr English.

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