Chair of New Zealand Cycle Trail announced

  • John Key
Tourism Prime Minister

Prime Minister and Tourism Minister John Key today announced the appointment of Richard Leggat as Chair of Nga Haerenga – the New Zealand Cycle Trail Incorporated (NZCT Inc.)

The Government recently created Nga Haerenga – the New Zealand Cycle Trail Incorporated, with all 23 Great Rides invited as members to be responsible for the governance and management of NZCT. 

“Mr Leggat will bring strong leadership skills, excellent relationship management and a highly collaborative approach to support the NZCT network and brand,” Mr Key says.

Mr Leggat is currently Chairman of Bike NZ, Director of Snowsports New Zealand, Board member of the Cycle Trail Establishment Board, the New Zealand Tourism Board, New Zealand Post and Education New Zealand.

He has strong commercial business and operational experience, and has over twenty years’ experience in management both in New Zealand and internationally.

“The role of the Chair is to provide long-term strategic guidance, ensure inter-agency relationships are well-managed and become the face of NZCT Inc. Mr Leggat will be an asset in the role,” Mr Key says.

NZCT Inc is now also in the process of voting for the five positions to the Board of Directors. Nominations, endorsed by at least two members, have been received.  The Board is looking for members who are dedicated to implementing programmes that will encourage more people of all ages and abilities to cycle for recreation and tourism, and help reap the full commercial potential of the NZCT network.

To support NZCT Inc in its establishment, the Government has agreed to fund the organisation initially until it becomes self-sustainable. The construction phase of the project is now drawing to a close, with most of the trails expected to be fully open by the end of the 2013/14 summer.

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