Chair appointed to New Zealand Racing Board

  • Nathan Guy

Racing Minister Nathan Guy today announced the appointment of Glenda Hughes as Independent Chairperson of the New Zealand Racing Board’s (NZRB’s) governing body.

Ms Hughes was appointed as Independent Chairperson following consultation with the racing industry.

The racing industry makes an important contribution to the New Zealand economy, generating around $1.6 billion annually and around 17000 jobs.

“The NZRB has a key leadership role in strategic work to improve the racing industry’s economic performance, and to help to develop its potential. “says Mr Guy.

“Ms Hughes brings extensive experience in business through her 25 years providing strategic management, social and public change programmes and marketing advice. I believe that this will help support strong and productive NZRB governance.

“I am confident the NZRB has the expertise to shape key strategic and operational initiatives for the benefit of the New Zealand racing industry.” says Mr Guy.