Carter Resigns As Chairman Of Fec

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Revenue

David Carter today announced his resignation from the position of chairman of Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee (FEC).

Mr Carter said while Select Committee members had endorsed his personal ability as chairman, concerns remained about the potential conflict of interest between his roles as a Member of the Executive, particularly as Associate Minister of Revenue and as chairman of the committee.

"These issues were first raised in January and I undertook then to discuss the matter with my Select Committee colleagues at the first meeting that I was able to attend."

"Concerns still remain about the potential conflict of interest, and I accept these concerns are valid. In response to this I have offered my resignation today to allow the Select Committee to get on with its work without hindrance."

Mr Carter said public concerns about the Inland Revenue Department expressed two weeks ago had put the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee in the spotlight, and it was best he stood aside now to allow the committee to consider these issues without delay.