Carter produces evidence: "1999 Labour candidate union-controlled"

  • David Carter
Senior Citizens

Minister for Senior Citizens, Hon David Carter, tabled a letter in Parliament today which he says proves the recent Waimakariri Labour selection was hand-picked by the unions.

"New Zealanders deserve to know that the trade unions now control Labour. The unions may have taken a back seat for a few years, but the 1999 election is their payback time!"

David Carter tabled a letter from Labour's successful Waimakariri candidate Clayton Cosgrove, addressed to the secretary of the Canterbury Meat Workers Union.

"Mr Cosgrove's letter "grovels" for the union's backing and basically states, without their support Clayton Cosgrove would not have been picked."

Mr Carter said every candidate standing in the Waimakariri electorate had been required to meet with Merv Taylor, secretary to the Meat Workers Union, to get approval.

"If this isn't intimidation and control, then I don't know what is. We have always known that the unions have had an influence over Labour policy, but hand-picking their candidates in 1999 is a bit much."

"Labour can't deny that their industrial relations policy is anti-employers and anti-business, when they are shackled to the demands of their union bosses."