Campaign for Australia Powers Up

  • Murray McCully

New Zealand?s effort to let people know power is back on in Auckland will get a boost, with the Minister of Business Development, Max Bradford, and the Minister of Tourism, Murray McCully, announcing today central government will contribute $300,000 to a domestic and international marketing campaign.

"Half of the money will come from the Business Development fund and go towards a domestic campaign with the remaining $150,000 coming from existing New Zealand Tourism Board budgets contributing to an Australian campaign," the Ministers said.

The Ministers said the funding was in addition to the very active role the Coalition Government had played last month in assisting Auckland's CBD get back to normal.

They said the power shortages caused a 25 per cent fall in Auckland CBD hotel occupancy rates, costing accommodation providers $5.5 million in lost revenue. An estimated 30 per cent of these cancellations were international visitors who either stayed out of the city, or postponed their trips.

'To add to the problem, the international media sensationalised the story, especially in Australia. This has damaged Auckland's, and New Zealand's reputation. What we have to do now is restore New Zealand's reputation as a vibrant and unique visitor destination,' they said.

The New Zealand Tourism Board will launch an autumn campaign on the eastern seaboard of Australia later this month (April) to encourage travel outside of the peak season.

Mr McCully said the extra Tourism Board money will go towards an Auckland specific extension of the Autumn campaign.

The Australian campaign will be run in conjunction with the Tourism Board and Tourism Auckland and will build on upcoming events in Auckland.

'There's a host of events on the horizon that give us a great chance to push the message that Auckland's open for business,' says Mr McCully 'New Zealand has an events-based strategy in place to make the most of attractions such as Super 12 rugby, the Ellerslie Flower Show and the World Cup of Golf to attract publicity in Australia.'

Mr Bradford said the other $150,000 will go towards Tourism Auckland's domestic campaign.