Callaghan student grants breaking records

  • Paul Goldsmith
Science and Innovation

Callaghan Innovation has approved the 2017/18 round of Student Experience Grants, with 139 businesses to offer 358 students paid work over the summer break, Science and Innovation Minister Paul Goldsmith announced today.

“This year saw a record number of businesses applying, with 179 businesses applying for 418 internships. This is a great sign that the scheme is valued by businesses and popular with students,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“Since Callaghan Innovation was created in 2013, 274 different companies have been approved for an Experience Grant. As a result, over 800 students have undertaken an R&D Experience placement.”

The R&D Experience Grant is administered by Callaghan Innovation and supports undergraduate students studying science, technology, business, engineering or design to gain valuable work experience during the summer student break. The grant provides funding of $18 an hour for up to 400 hours of work.

The grants develop the technical skills of students in a professional, commercial R&D environment, while also providing businesses with expertise to further their work, which is the central aim of the programme.

Successful companies for 2017/18 include Tiro Medical, where students will be involved in the design and prototyping of 3D imaging health software, and InventoryTech Limited, where students will develop improved sensors to detect real-time consumption of first-aid kit items.

“The grant programme develops students into more work-ready, technically skilled graduates who can be easily absorbed into the fast-paced R&D and technology focused industries that are critical to New Zealand’s long-term economic success,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“Companies benefit as they can take on more students as the cost and risk of bringing them into the business is reduced. And the students benefit from easier access to the technical experience they need for future employment opportunities, while at the same time giving them a visible career path in R&D that they can continue to work towards.”

The programme is available to businesses of any size that have a focus on research and development. More information is available HERE.