BZP ban passed by Parliament

  • Jim Anderton

Parliament passed the bill banning BZP-based party pills into law this afternoon, Associate Health Minister and Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton said.

Jim Anderton said he was pleased to see law enacted to ban BZP from manufacture and sale in New Zealand.

“I was always confident it would make it back, and I was optimistic about the level of support it would have in the House, as the vote shows - 109 for to 11 against.

“This law is important, as it gives out a positive message against psychoactive drugs, and that we give protection to young people from those who would exploit them.”

Under the new law, manufacturers and retailers have till April 1 2008 to stop making and selling BZP-based party pills. Consumers will have six months from April 1 2008 to use any pills they have for personal use. This is a new threshold date, changed to give certainty to those using, selling, or making BZP-based party pills.

The third reading of the bill banning BZP was led by Associate Health Minister Damien O’Connor, as Jim Anderton was visiting drought-hit southern Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa farmers as Agriculture Minister.