A busy and productive year in the House

  • Simon Bridges
Leader of the House

Leader of the House Simon Bridges says this afternoon’s adjournment of Parliament brings to an end an extremely busy legislative year.

“Parliament sat for 57 days this year, passing 42 bills, all of which were Government bills,” Mr Bridges says.

“Important Government bills passed into law included the Education (Update) Amendment Bill, Care and Support Worker (Equal Pay) Settlement Bill, Point England Development Enabling Bill and the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill.

“The House sat under Extended Hours six times this year, four of those saw four treaty bills passed. A further four treaty bills received first reading and were sent to select committee.

“Using Extended Hours to progress non-controversial legislation such as Treaty of Waitangi settlements and some other bills has been a positive development over the last two Parliaments.

“I thank all members of the Business Committee for the constructive way they’ve worked to allow Extended Hours to be used more often.

“There have been 677 oral questions across 55 Question Times – 663 to Ministers and 14 to Members.

“As well as oral questions, Ministers received 7361 written questions.

“I want to thank all Members for their contributions to a busy and robust year in the House,” Mr Bridges says.