Business Development Minister Revamps Awards

  • Max Bradford
Business Development

Business Development Minister Max Bradford has revamped the 1997 Business Development Quality Awards to highlight the importance of business excellence.

"A number of changes have been made to the awards in order to achieve a national focus and purpose consistent with the Government's enterprise and innovation strategy," Mr Bradford said.

"There is a real need to highlight quality management principles as part of the Government's fostering of international best practice in New Zealand business."

The objectives of the Business Development Quality Awards are:

to promote quality management principles
to recognise business excellence
to encourage businesses to improve performance by following quality management and best practice principles.
This year the Government is working in partnership with three private sector sponsors - Air New Zealand, ASB Bank Ltd and Toyota New Zealand Ltd - to promote the awards.

The Business Development Quality Awards offer applicants the opportunity to be independently assessed against internationally recognised criteria for business excellence - the United States' Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. A team of Baldrige-trained assessors will visit applicants and provide written feedback.

The top public and private sector applicants will be recognised at a national ceremony in September.

"In addition, the highest scoring recipients of the 1997 Business Development Quality Awards will be offered the unique opportunity to meet the world's leading quality management exponents on a 10-day study visit to the USA," Mr Bradford said.

Mr Bradford is to launch the revamped 1997 Business Development Quality Awards on May 20. Applications close on June 24.

Mr Bradford said he welcomed continuing involvement from regional Business Development Boards and other business networks in promoting the 1997 Business Development Quality Awards.

The 1997 Business Development Quality Awards are free to enter and open to any New Zealand business or organisation.