Business Development Minister launches revamped awards

  • Max Bradford
Business Development

Business Development Minister Max Bradford today launched the revamped 1997 Business Development Quality Awards to highlight the importance of business excellence.

"Never before has quality been such a critical ingredient for business success," Mr Bradford said at the launch of the 1997 awards at the Manukau Civic Centre.

"As global economic rivalry intensifies at an exponential rate, businesses must be increasingly outward looking and be prepared to measure themselves against the yardstick of the world's best."

A number of changes have been made to the awards this year in order to achieve a national focus and purpose consistent with the Government's enterprise and innovation strategy.

The awards to be presented in September will be among the first anywhere in the world to be assessed against the 1997 Malcolm Baldrige quality criteria.

The awards recognise commitment to quality management and best practice principles measured against the key headings of:

strategic planning
customer and market focus
information and analysis
human resource development
prices management
business results
"I would urge any New Zealand business seeking to improve its performance, to apply for the Business Development Quality Awards. They are free to enter and the contest is open to any New Zealand business or organisation."

The Awards offer applicants the opportunity to be independently assessed against internationally recognised criteria for business excellence - and to receive valuable written feedback on their progress.

In addition, the highest scoring recipients of the 1997 Awards will be offered the unique opportunity to meet the world's leading quality management exponents on a 10-day study visit to the USA.

Best practice has to become an operating norm, a view shared by the Government and the sponsors of these awards - Air New Zealand, Toyota New Zealand and the ASB Bank, Mr Bradford said.