Business Development Audit Report

  • Max Bradford
Business Development

The Audit Office's report on Business Development Board grants confirms there were good reasons to suspend the grants programme last year, Business Development Minister Max Bradford said today.

Commenting on the Controller and Auditor-General's report, which was tabled in Parliament today, Mr Bradford said the report found that the Ministry of Commerce had acted promptly and correctly when it realised it was dealing with payments for which there was no appropriation.

"The findings in the report confirm that there has been a significant amount of non-compliance by Business Development Boards with the Code they operate under," he said.

"The Controller and Auditor-General's Office sees this as a serious matter because of its implications for the Ministry of Commerce in making payments which are other than in accordance with the appropriation provided by Parliament, and therefore illegal."

Mr Bradford said the audit of the Business Development Boards' grant files did not reveal instances where Boards had disregarded the limits of their authority.

"This reinforces my view that the difficulties that Boards have experienced in complying with the Code relate to the systems and processes they have in place for consider grant applications," he said. "This is a matter that will need to be considered further."

Mr Bradford said he expected to announce decisions soon.