Bus ride for safe families

  • John Carter
Senior Citizens

Two community buses will carry elder abuse and family violence prevention messages around the Far North for the next year at least, and Senior Citizens Minister John Carter took the first ride on Friday June 12.

"This is an important message. There is one other bus in Christchurch carrying the ‘It's Not OK' campaign message, and I'm proud to be launching this message in my own electorate," Mr Carter, who is also MP for Northland, said.

"We consulted closely with our community, who made it clear they did not want a stern, finger-pointing message, and I agree," Mr Carter said.

"The buses invoke a positive message - to cherish our elders, to stand up for safe families, and that's how it needs to be. The messages are in Maori and English."

Emblazoned with the ‘It's not OK' campaign message and invoking the positive action the Minister wants to see, the two 18-seater buses also help address transport problems on the outskirts of the Far North town of Kaitaia.

"One is a workers' bus, picking up people and taking them home through the week. The other is a shoppers' bus that picks up the elderly. Both buses help in an area where public transport is almost non-existent," Mr Carter said.

Mr Carter travelled on the first bus from Kaitaia's Community Business and Environment Centre (CBEC) to pick up elderly guests for the launch.