A bumper year for collecting fines

  • Rick Barker

Another record year of fine collections should act as a warning to people owing fines and reparations this summer – you will get caught and you will have to pay, says Courts Minister Rick Barker.

"It has been a bumper year for collecting fines and reparations, with a record $206 million in overdue fines receipted in the 2005/06 financial year. This is nearly double what it was in 2001/02 when we collected $113 million," says Rick Barker.

"And there's been a steady decrease in the proportion of fines overdue, falling from 79% in 2001/02 to 54% in 2005/06.

"We're getting better at collecting reparation owed to victims of crime. In the last complete financial year (2005/06) a record $16.56 million dollars in reparation was receipted. This compares with $9.42 million five years ago (2001/02).

"The statistics speak for themselves – not only are we collecting more than ever in dollar terms, but as the proportional improvement shows, we're getting more and more effective in how we are doing it.

"This will be the first summer where the Pay or Stay campaign at airports will be running, and if you're planning on going overseas for a holiday make sure you pay what you owe or chances are you won't get far.

"Anyone who owes fines and reparation and looking for a New Year's resolution should take note- fines and reparation orders will not go away, we will make you pay," said Rick Barker.