Building product requirements to improve sector efficiency

Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk is welcoming the launch of Building Product Information Requirements, which require manufacturers and suppliers in the construction industry to provide better information about their products to consumers.

The requirements are expected to result in fewer building defects, less building re-work, more efficient consenting and safer, more durable buildings, Mr Penk says.

“Domestic manufacturers and importers are now required to make information about the building products they supply to the New Zealand market publicly available, and they must be able to provide evidence for claims they make about their products.

“Easily accessible information on building products will help designers, builders and consumers choose the right products for their needs, install them correctly and make informed decisions about the products they use in future.

“Building consent authorities will now have thorough information readily available to check that plans and specifications meet the Building Code, which will support more efficient consenting, and streamline the construction process.

“Improving the quality and availability of building product information is part of a broader work program to lift the efficiency and quality of building work and provide fairer outcomes for the sector and for New Zealanders.

“These changes will help to deliver on the Government’s aim to boost housing supply and affordability, improve confidence within the building sector and put in place systems and processes to speed up consenting for efficient building processes.

“The Government looks forward to continuing to partner with the building and construction sector to deliver better outcomes for all New Zealanders.”