Budget Delivers For Young People And Families

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

"The Coalition Government's first Budget has delivered strong support to young people and their families. Responsible families are at the heart of every strong and self-reliant community. By strengthening families, this Budget ensures that young New Zealanders will grow up in safe, healthy and enterprising communities," said Deborah Morris, the Minister of Youth Affairs.

"I am pleased to see that health, education and social welfare agencies will be working closely together to help those families in need."

The Budget delivers on the commitments in the Coalition Agreement, and assists families through the deliver of:

$24.48 million for the expansion and introduction of new employment initiatives.

200 extra police positions resulting in a quicker response time to the community, better road safety and the targeting of organised crime and gangs.

Free doctor visits for children under 6 years.

$3 million over the next three years for drug education in schools to inform students about the dangers of drug misuse and assist schools identifying and supporting existing users.

$55 million for the early childhood sector to provide quality, accessible education for under 5 year olds.

$10 million to boost school truancy programmes, to give seriously at risk young people another chance at education.