Budget 2017 invests $3.4m in Pitt Island Wharf

  • Peter Dunne
Internal Affairs Budget 2017

The Government is investing $3.4 million of new operating funding over the next four years in Budget 2017 to complete works for the Pitt Island Wharf resilience programme on the Chatham Islands.

“The Pitt Island Wharf is an indispensable lifeline asset for the island’s small population of approximately 50 to be able to travel to Chatham Island. In early 2015, the newly-redeveloped Pitt Island Wharf was severely damaged by a series of storms,” Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne says.

“Pitt Island Wharf resilience works costing $1.8 million commenced in late 2016, focusing on health and safety components of the damaged wharf. This work is nearly complete.”

Budget 2017 provides further funding for a breakwater for the Pitt Island Wharf and on-going maintenance costs.

“The Pitt Island Wharf breakwater is intended to increase Pitt Island’s resilience in future storms by better protecting it from weather. Works for the Pitt Island Wharf breakwater will be completed by June 2018,” Mr Dunne says.

The Chatham Islands is an archipelago of 11 islands. Pitt Island and Chatham Island are the only islands that are inhabited.

“Pitt Island is one of New Zealand’s smallest communities. Investing in this work will ensure that the wharf continues to link the island with the wider Chatham’s group and with the rest of New Zealand,” Mr Dunne says.