Broadcasting Standards Need Strengthening

  • Tony Ryall
Youth Affairs

Minister of Youth Affairs, Tony Ryall, has called for a strengthening of broadcasting standards to protect children from exploitation.

Mr Ryall's comments follow concerns expressed by the Commissioner for Children, Roger McLay, over incidents involving children's personal circumstances being aired on television.

"Amendments to the Broadcasting Act are currently before the Commerce Select Committee. These amendments will allow the Broadcasting Standards Authority to develop a clear code of practice for the protection of children's rights to privacy", said Mr Ryall.

"It is incumbent on all adults to care for the interests of young New Zealanders. That includes television producers", said Mr Ryall.

"It's hard enough for young people these days, without having their personal lives splashed over the media, with or without the consent of their parents.

Mr Ryall said he supported the Commissioner for Children's stand on the issue, and hoped the Broadcasting Standards Authority would address the issue in the first instance.