Bridges already confused about policy costings

Simon Bridges has added to confusion about the costings of National’s tax policy today, and needs to clear up how much New Zealanders would get and how the plan would be paid for, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says.

“National have published two different numbers inside two days for how much someone on the average wage would get under the policy. On Wednesday, it was $430 a year. By Thursday, that had fallen to $400, according to Simon Bridges’ Magic op-ed – a 7% difference.

“Yesterday, someone on the average wage was going to get over $8 a week. Now, it’s less than $7.70, according to National’s new numbers.

“Simon Bridges’ policy is deflating before our very eyes.

“National also appear confused about how much the policy will cost. When the Magic op-ed was initially published, Bridges the plan would cost both $650 million and $750 million – a 15% difference within three paragraphs.

“Ever since Bill English left, National haven’t been able to cost their policies. When Simon Bridges announced his classroom size policy last year, he didn’t have any idea of how much it would cost. Six months later, National still haven’t shown us the money.

“There must be a spreadsheet somewhere.

“Alongside promising dozens of new roads while cutting the funding source to pay for them, and wild promises on debt targets and social spending, these confused costings will leave New Zealanders questioning National’s numbers.

“There are some simple questions for Simon Bridges to answer: How are you going to pay for this, and what services will be cut to do so? Until New Zealanders receive answers, these are just reckless and empty promises,” Grant Robertson said.