Bradford Welcomes Porter Visit To Nz

  • Max Bradford
Enterprise and Commerce

Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford says Professor Michael Porter's visit to New Zealand next month is an essential ingredient in the "contest of ideas" as we continue to build our international competitiveness.

Speaking at the official open of PDL Electronic's new factory building in Napier this morning, Mr Bradford said the Government is currently taking another look at Professor Porter's initial 1991 study, known as the "Porter Project".

"The aim of this is to stimulate debate about further building our international competitiveness," Mr Bradford said.

"We are fortunate that Professor Porter (the C Roland Christensen Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and a world authority on competitive strategy and international competitiveness) will be in New Zealand again next month and will be giving a public lecture in Wellington (November 10).

"Seven years on from the Porter Project, it is important to note that Professor Porter's theories should not been viewed as the only answer to all economic and business problems, but that the Government very much welcomes his visit and his insights."