Bradford Takes Immigration Message to Asia

  • Max Bradford

Labour and Immigration Minister Max Bradford will reinforce the message that New Zealand has an open and welcoming attitude to immigration when he visits Asian countries in the coming week.

Mr Bradford will also be attending the International Labour Organisation regional Pacific meeting in Bangkok next week, as well as immigration meetings in Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore.

"I will be passing on some messages which came very clearly from the Population Conference last month: that New Zealand is going to depend heavily on immigration to boost its population into the next millennium as birth rates fall; that we have seen the need to improve our migrant settlement policies and services; that we are taking another look at our English language test and opportunities for business investor immigrants."

Mr Bradford will be advocating the need for reform of the management and conventions of the ILO, when he attends the regional Pacific meeting of the organisation in Bangkok on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

"The ILO needs to reform and update a number of its conventions to meet the needs of modern, flexible economies such as New Zealand's and developing countries of the Pacific. To that end I have been working with Labour Ministers from a number of Asian countries since the ILO meeting in Geneva earlier this year."