Bradford Says Labour Confused About Energy

  • Max Bradford

Energy Minister Max Bradford said today he was concerned that Labour Leader Helen Clark is creating uncertainty for power companies.

"Ms Clark is encouraging power companies to gamble with their futures by indicating Labour - if ever elected - would consider repealing aspects of the Coalition Government's electricity reforms," Mr Bradford said.

"This is dangerous political game playing by Labour which power companies should see for exactly that.

"At the same time, some of the feedback I'm getting from within the industry shows there is obviously complete and utter confusion in the Labour ranks over what their policies are.

"Labour's 1996 energy policy clearly indicates they intend - and always have intended - to do what the Coalition Government has done, namely separate lines and energy trading businesses."

Mr Bradford said it was important energy companies continued to move forward and work towards achieving the benefits the reform package will bring.

"The industry is getting on with the job - energy companies are taking a forward-looking approach to the options available to them under the Electricity Industry Reform Act. Feedback confirms the industry is focused on meeting the deadlines, in line with the legislation, to split their line and retail/generation businesses."