• Max Bradford

Energy Minister Max Bradford today rejected accusations the Government was filibustering in the House.

Responding to a media statement by Pete Hodgson, Labour Spokesperson on Energy, Mr Bradford said the normal business of Government was being dealt with in the House today.

Mr Bradford said Mr Hodgson's comments on the Electricity Industry Reform Bill were just his Party's spin on the Government's considered and thorough legislative processes.

"The Electricity Bill is a complex one, and therefore, from yesterday, power companies have been given to opportunity to look and comment on it again," Mr Bradford said.

"After many, many months of consultation with the electricity industry and the very thorough and professional approach by the Government members of the Commerce Select Committee, it is common sense to ask the industry to take a final look. If necessary, the Government will incorporate changes to the Bill by way of SOP.

"There's nothing secretive or underhand about this. Labour might do well to look back at some of its own time as Government before making silly allegations.

"Take for example, the Fisheries Amendment Bill of ten years ago. It was just a small tidying up Bill, but despite many months of Select Committee consideration, it was eventually reported back to the House as a 102 page affair - not to mention the 40-page SOP!"