Bradford Backs Fresh Look At Manufacturing

  • Max Bradford
Enterprise and Commerce

Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford today supported ManFed's call for a fresh look at the manufacturing sector.

Mr Bradford said he had met with the ManFed Council today and briefed members on Government's new thinking in the Enterprise and Innovation area.

"The Government has spent years getting the macro-economic framework right and cutting costs to business. Now it's time for the Government to work with business and look at how we can add to the country's revenue streams and prime New Zealand for further growth," he said.

Mr Bradford said he had told ManFed that the Government was not interested in propping up losers - as is at the core of Labour Party policy - but rather in leveraging off winners.

"The Enterprise and Innovation Ministerial Team, which I chair, has been looking at ways of how we can develop an environment in which business can grow and succeed. We are considering a range of proposals related to the Foresight Project and Professor Michael Porter's recent visit. These include initiatives in the immigration, foreign direct investment, clusters, research and development, and human capital areas.

"I look forward to working with ManFed and other business groups over the next few months to refine these initiatives."