Board of Inquiry to consider Tukituki Catchment Proposal

  • Amy Adams
  • Nick Smith
Conservation Environment

Environment Minister Amy Adams and Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith have today announced that the Tukituki Catchment Proposal will be directed to an independent Board of Inquiry.

The proposal by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company is made up of two components.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council requested that both components should be referred to a Board of Inquiry for a decision.

The first component relates to the creation and operation of a dam structure, storage reservoir and canal system. The second component relates to the regional council’s Plan Change 6, which proposes new policies and rules intended to implement a nutrient management framework and water allocation regime in the area.

The proposal involves the Minister of Conservation because impacts of the scheme include the coastal marine areas for which he has responsibility.

In accepting the recommendation of the Environmental Protection Authority to call in the plan change and refer the whole proposal to a Board of Inquiry, the Ministers say the Tukituki Catchment Proposal meets the criteria for being considered nationally significant.

“There is likely to be wide public interest in the proposal, considerable use of natural and physical resources, significant changes to the environment and it affects more than one region or district,” the Ministers say.

“The Board of Inquiry process gives people an opportunity to have their views taken into account, and delivers a decision within nine months.”

A Board of Inquiry will be appointed in due course to consider the proposal.